Welcome to the Graphic Design portfolio of Roy Ikoroha Design where I share segments from some of my most prominent projects.

You can find my PDF Portfolio here below (opens new window):

Roy Ikoroha Portfolio

Kaplan International English

I was recently freelancing at Kaplan International English in West Kensington; assisting the core design team there with creative collateral for both print and web. Below is an example of the work I carried out, with more available in my online portfolio (above) and on request (if you require pdf version to print).

Marketing Logic

I was given the task of assisting in the rebranding of Marketing Tech central-London based business Marketing Logic. They desired a new corporate look both on web and in print and it was up to me to create: their new logo, their business cards, their updated icons, create a new colour scheme, generate PowerPoint/Word templates; and as a whole create a new homepage web mock-up. The project was a glowing success back then. They have since updated their website again at www.marketing-logic.com

You may also come across some of the print I designed for them at some point in the future. There is a Twitter testimony dedicated to the look I did for them right here.

Below is some of the material I designed for them. More can be found in my PDF Portfolio - see top of page for this.

Media Trust Triathlon 2015

I was tasked with creating the graphics for the Media Trust's barrier boards and overhead banners in aid of their first ever Triathlon event - something they are due to make an annual event. I also had to create the adverts for their social media pages, including their Facebook one. A graphic had to be created to collate some of the top response generated about the Triathlon, which you can see in the last graphic. 

Website: www.mediatrust.org

Main programs used to generate these graphics were Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Adobe Illustrator was not required here.

Media Trust | Do Something Brilliant

I was tasked with creating the media for the Do Something Brilliant movement, which this time was based in Northern Ireland - so I had to pay special attention to which colours were implemented as not to offend any religious beliefs held in the country. They ran a competition to see which street would be voted the best in the country; with the winner getting £500 towards street improvements and TV publicity.

You can find further details at www.dosomethingbrilliant.co.uk

Labels Are Limitations® 

As I also runs a fashion brand, I am responsible for designing and photographing all the creative content concerning it. The first graphic shows the logo which I designed using Illustrator; the following photos are a combination of adverts and t-shirt designs which I have produced and had implemented onto t-shirts. Please click each picture for more information. 

Website: www.labelsarelimitations.london

Kids Run Tings

A client wanted me to design her some characters for her company Kids Run Tings; which sells children's clothing and accessories. Each character had to be designed to a set specification (which was subject to change). I loved working on this project.

You can see more at www.kidsruntings.co.uk

Personal Work

Work that I have mainly completed in my spare time.