Walking In A Winter Wonderland

I had the pleasure of visiting Winter Wonderland twice in the last few days - these two times being my first two times!


I was lucky enough to capture this shot with my iPhone XS last night; a shot which almost defines Winter Wonderland for me! 


Capping Off The Kaplan Experience

Hello all, 

As you may or may not have noticed, I've been quiet on R.I.D for several weeks as I have been completing a freelance contract for Kaplan International; helping create their design team produce creative collateral for both print and web!

It has been a great few weeks in Kaplan's West Kensington office filled by a thorough enjoyment of working with the in-house teams there and of course helping to produce the desired design work.

I will post more about this soon, but here's a photo I took a few hours before my departure :) 


Kaplan International English HQ, Kensington, London

Kaplan International English HQ, Kensington, London

Speak soon.