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A candid moment from Desso’s Gin & Juice Evening, captured…

Desso, London

Desso, London

The evening was a great one filled with good people, good vibes, and most certainly great gins! I have a friend who has recently set up her own Gin business and I am sure she’ll have approved!

Kate at 50mm

I had the pleasure of assisting my local primary school out with their IT, and was lucky enough to be requested to take photos of their childrens' graduation event.


Most photos are for internal use and have been distributed in-house to the relevant heads of school, but I am happy to share this photo of one of the invited governors Kate - taken at 50mm on my Nikon prime lens. 

Let me know what you think of this shot. Others may pop up on both @r_ikoroha_photography and/or @iamroyikoroha (both Instagram handles)

Cheers for touching base!