Let's Walk

It was a cold, but sunny day; and I was having a bit of a stressful one. After successfully meeting a client for a forthcoming project; I took a walk through my local park to reflect...


This realm - that's what I will call it - is one of my favourites as it is a very picturesque location which looks incredible in both the warmer and cooler months. I have been here twice before for photography, but the photos were not as attractive as these! I took these photos with my iPhone and edited using VSCO's P5 filter for an added "cool" effect!

I felt I needed a bit of escapism for at least five to ten minutes and these surroundings provided it! Believe it or not, the dual carriageway is literally just out of shot - this is not a remote spot by any means! Looking at the perspective of the capture reminds me that everything is a journey and that journey can be quite amazing to witness; and a bit abstract at times (email me if you want further understanding on that statement!).


Being in these surroundings enabled me to reenergise and to inadvertently gather new inspiration for my fashion brand; with a new collection promised late-fall (I have gone all American there - I mean "winter"). 

Autumn is fast intensifying; and as my favourite season - I welcome it (except the early disappearing act the sun now makes). Expect to see more photography both via my DSLR and my iPhone in the coming weeks and months - I am even calling it "VSCO sessions" on my personal Instagram account (@iamroyikoroha).

Let me know what you think of this photography if you get a moment! This post was not planned; but as I sit here behind my Mac - my Windows Laptop has gone defunct for now (oh sh*t...in fairness it has been a whole month now since that happened) - I felt it best a bit of spontaneity summoned!

Blog you soon,