To create a logo for a mentoring organisation called "Greatness As Standard" which works to positively and proactively encourage 7-18yr olds with their educational/social lives. The logo was to be minimal, but also eye-catching to draw people towards the company. 

The target market is schools, colleges, funding organisations and parents who would be using the service. Also this is aimed at the mentees (young people). 

The logo will be used on business collateral and merchandising.

Assets Provided

Designs the client had previously created himself and a detailed brief.



Inspiration imagery via Google and his own design work sent to me. Email me if you would like to see the mentioned inspiration.

Other Notes

Design is yet to be officially hosted online by the client, but this is in progress. More details will follow...

Final Artwork

Using the company initials of "G.A.S", I created a logo which is black and white in colour and is rimmed with a golden outline. The letters integrate seamlessly with each other and project a very professional look! It took several design cycles to get back to this design as the bulk of it had been designed within three days, but the client had requested seeing other looks first.

I am delighted with the outcome of this project, as is the client