Kaplan International




To produce an infographic which accurately depicted how politics works both in the U.K. and the USA. This graphic had to be created both in English and Spanish to start with.

Additional brochures were required; promoting Kalkan's English schools to students across the globe, be it the US, UK/Europe, Australia.

Social media graphics tailored for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook were required promote "Happy New Year" in various languages including Turkish, Arabic, and many other languages.

Assets Provided

Photos via Kaplan's Shutterstock account and via their imagery library (of photos taken by in-house photographer). Copy via relevant stakeholders / marketing team.



See Assets. Google search, Shutterstock, pre-existing artwork.

Other Notes

There is more content created which is available to discuss on request.

Final Artwork

A very long Infographic was created and in line with Kaplan's previous infographics detailing how politics works both in the U.K. and USA! The graphic was received very well - see it here (add link).

Brochure and social media content suitably created for both print and web platforms.