Labels Are Limitations



Labels Are Limitations® is my unisex fashion brand which mainly sells tees and sweatshirts. Prototyped in 2012, and established in 2014; the first aim was to create a simple but effective monochromatic logo (+ variation) which incorporated the letters "L.A.L".

In addition, graphics continually have to be created for the clothing,  and for promotional print/web social media content, which varies season on season.

Assets Provided


Key brand logos
Flagship t-shirts, unisex. 


Burberry, Serge DeNimes, Ralph Lauren. Fashion trends.

Other Notes

The main material on this page charts the brands flagship and SS15 collections - the breakthrough collections! I have designed right up to SS17 so far, which you can see in full on the brand's website!

Final Artwork

Some of the designs which have been produced for the brand over the years: t-shirt prints, logos, promotional content, and photography - which you can see in full on the brand's website

Key social media content promoting the brand's SS15 release and pop-up event near Liverpool Street Station, London